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What was the last book you read?
"I've been read loads recently, which is something of new habit for me. I've been reading sutff like The Outside [by Albert Camus], which I'd never read before. I really thought that was amazing. The last book I read was Will Self's The Quantity Theory of Insanity.

Do you drive?
"I've never taken a test. I was actually thinking of buying a car recently, and a friend of mine was going to drive me around. I'd get a Jensen Interceptor."

Do you have a favourite painter?
"David Hockney is probably my favourite artist. Some painters remind me of authors and Hockney has that economy of style that makes me think of someone like Camus."

Your favourite building?
"I really like Centrepoint [central London tower blcok]. Justine's dad was involved with that. I did study architecture for a while and found I wasn't any good at it. It think architecture is such a potent thing, because it's so public - the impostion of your stylistic regime on the world. St Paul's Cathedral is one of the most awesome things I've ever come across."

What's your favourite TV programme?
"EastEnders. I absolutely love it. The Mitchells used to be my favourite characters, but they've really gone downhill. When we did Top of the Pops early on, we graffiti-ed 'Animal Nitrate' on the cafe in Albert Square. I was actually speaking to one of the writers once and she was talking about me doing a cameo. That'd be marvellous. As it is, the best we've had is when Grant was driving along, playing 'Trash' in his car radio."

How many pairs of trainers do you own?
"I quite like trainers. Simon is virulently anti-trainers. I've never even seen Simon in a pair of socks. His feet seem to be permanently encased in a pair of DMs."

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