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What was the last book you read?

"I'm not very good at reading. It takes me a long time. I tend to read books over and voer again. I did re-read 1984 recently."

Do you drive?
"I'm not a car kind of man."

Do you have a favourite painter?
"I'm really funny about art. I always like the paintings that my friend Pete does, but rarely anything else."

Your favourite building?
"Hmm, nothing comes to mind. I like my house."

What's your favourite TV programme?
"I have a really nasty sense of humour, so I thought Brasseye was magnificient. And The Day Today. I think Chris Morris is a comic genius. I also thought Goodness Gracious Me was very funny. I like to watch comedy - The Young Ones, all that '80s comedy. I really like all of that."

How many pairs of trainers do you own?
"I have a pair which cost about £20, which I wear to go down the gym. Nowadays people wear trainers that look like egg cartons. That's why they also wear big baggy trousers - to hide them."


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