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A close contest, proving that all members show instinctive understanding of the black-trousered band mind-hive.

Four years ago, training shoes would have been a key indicator but "Put on your trainers and get out of it with me" from 'Picnic on the Motorway', makes it clear how even this most non-snowboarding band have embraced drug-thug footwear. So Simon, Mat and Richard's staunch anti-Nike stance has no clear advantage.

Richard and Neil's performances are promising enough for such relative newcomers, but really the contest comes down to the three original members. Brett scores highly for having just read The Outsider last week and having a favourite building built by Justine Frischmann's dad(kind of). Mat does well with allusion to Anish Kapoor's The Void, but perhaps loses points for reading ribald rap books.

In the final analysis it must be Simon Gilbert. He wears nowt but boots and reads books about Nick Cave. He also finds a spiritual home up on the fantastically Suede heights of Trellick Tower, and actually owns a stylishly retro Dog Man Car. Well done, Simon!

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