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Autograph Session: TST HMV 27/9/99 8.30pm - 9.15pm

Click here for pictures from the autograph session

Well, it's like that. I went to their autograph session, all excited since I know their autograph session won't be all security-tight stuff with all those scary tough looking men. I lined up for about 2 or so hours and got up there(the second floor of HMV). When I was upstairs, though I was within 5m area from them, I couldn't see them at all, thanks to those cardobard thing on the rack. I really wanted to knock them down at that moment - I was furious, I got kinda in the front part of the queue, very near to them, but couldn't see them. Anyway, when it was my turn, I came to Mat first(they were sitting in this way - Mat, Richard, Brett, Neil, Simon) I was wearing this Suede shirt which I put some glitter on(I find the black, grey and white a bit "monotonous", and Glitter Rules, you know!) and he asked me, "You made this?!" I told him yes and he seemed to be quite impressed that he told Richard(!!) about it, then Richard told Brett about it! Since I was asked by a mate to hug Brett for her, so I asked him whether I can do that, and he readily accepted my request and let me kiss him on the cheek. He also took my camcorder and smiled, waved and talked to it! Shame that I could only record part of it coz they(bad record company reps) didn't allow me to do that! Then I came to Neil, my friend also asked me to hug him, so I did that, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Lastly I came to Simon, but before I could really talk to him. I was dragged away by the security(I hate them!!)!! I bet I was grinning like an absolute fool when I was walking away, back to the queue. Then I went in the next turn, to sign get the CD cover for my classmate. Mat recognised me and seemed to be quite glad to see me(he signed "love Mat x":) - see below). Remember it's an autograph session, they just scribbled their names!) and I asked him whether I could hug him and he really *hugged* me! :) How nice of him, and so did Richard. He gave me a kiss on the cheek with this really funny "Mwh" sound. When I came to Brett the security guy pushed me behind him, so I couldn't talk to neither Brett nor Neil.(Can you believe that?? I paid and bought the CD to go to the autograph session and he pushed me BEHIND him, so I couldn't talk to them!!) I came to Simon, he asked me whether I made the shirt and I told him yes, he seemed to quite impressed. But before we finished our conversation, I was once again, pulled away by the security guy, couldn't hug him :( 

The autograph session was more or less like this - I'd say it was one of the best I've ever been to... no, it's the best. They're very friendly, down to earth and chatty. I've never expected that!! Since most bands don't really enjoy autograph sessions, they seem to like that quite a lot. Though the security was really tight, they were quite rude, including the record company people!!(They're very rude. Hope I wouldn't get into trouble by this...). Anyway, I've a fab time and a great memory.

Click here for pictures from the autograph session

This is what I got from the autograph session, not bad, I've to say.
(L-R: Simon, Brett[blue - no idea who did that scribble on Brett's autograph, certainly not me!], Richard, Mat[top right], Neil)
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