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 Talk Session in HMV, Japan by Miho.

  I became their fan at the beginning of September--they would come here on tour at the end of the month. Due to this bad timing, I knew that I could not go to the gig. This fact made me disappointed.

However, my sister went to HMV one day, and found that they just started distributing free passes to attend the band's "talk session." My sister succeeded in grabbing two tickets, so out of the blue, I got a chance to see them.(Oh, I really thank her!)

At the session, I and my sister were in the second row. My sister got the passes very early(all the passes were numbered), so we could secure the good position. When the band appeared on the stage, I couldn't believe they existed before me this close. They lined up as following(from right to left):Simon, Neil, Richard, Brett, and Mat. Yes, they were very stylish--most of them were wearing black outfits, and all of them, except Richard and Simon, were wearing sunglasses--Richard was wearing a pair of plain glasses, and wearing a light-brown jacket--the jacket was very similar with the one Neil wore during autograph session in HK. I don't know they swapped their clothes or not...

As soon as the 5 guys took seats, they started smoking-- Richard is a non-smoker, isn't he? However, to the best of my memory, he smoked! I don't know if he recently started smoking or just complied with others only at the moment...Anyway, the talk session started. Each of us had been encouraged to write questions for them on the admission pass. I really wanted to write "how do you think of Bernard Butler's solo career?" However, it was too obvious that this kind of question would not be chosen, so instead, I wrote "if you guys were not musicians, what kind of occupation would you have now?" However, my question was not chosen. Well, I knew that. After all, there were approx. 200 audiences...

The most impressive question for me was "what kind of music are you listening to?" I was very amazed and glad to hear Brett mentioned Supergrass among other names--I really love their song, "Moving." Also, I was impressed very much by the fact that they seemed to be very intimate;
During the talk, Neil started teasing Richard. He made a fist, and moved it to Richard while tapping a microphone onto his lap--this made sounds, so it looked & sounded as if he was striking Richard! Soon, other members joined this--Richard was smiling during all this silly act! I think this incident is a proof of Richard's amiable personality, and good chemistry prevailing in the band!

The talk session was over. However, we knew that there would be more to come. On the admission ticket, it was written that there would be a lottery session(!?) after the talk. I thought that some selected people would be given gifts from the band. I didn't think I would win, but just stayed there.

Then, a surprising news was announced--The band was supposed to give autographs only to selected fans, but now, they would like all the audiences to have it!

We were asked to form a line. To proceed with the event smoothly, we were not allowed to ask the band to sign on our own staff(such as CDs, T-shirt etc). They just signed on the thick paper cards Sony Records prepared for them. I was "dazed and confused" when I came in front of them. I waved my hands to Simon, but I couldn't do anything other than that. It was partly because we were not able to be too close to them.(They were on the "stage," which was a little bit higher than the floor.) However, the biggest reason was that I didn't know how to talk to them. They had lots of charisma--They just overwhelmed me. Above all, I truly respect Brett's talent.(It is rather a cliche, but he is almost GOD for me!) So I really wanted to say something to him, but I couldn't. How foolish I was! Oh, even now, I can't believe that I saw, with my own eyes, the man who wrote & sung great songs
like "Animal Nitrate" or "He's Gone."

Anyway, everything scheduled was over. The 5 guys left the stage, and many fans rushed to downstairs to see the band leaving the store. Of course, we followed.

There were quite a few girls packed on the street. In a few moment, Suede appeared. Girls run to them immediately--However, the funny thing was that for people who just happened to see the commotion, the situation seemed to be beyond their comprehension; When I was waiting for the band, a girl came to me, and asked for whom I was waiting. I said, "oh, the band named Suede." Then, "who-are-they-I-have-no-clue" expression appeared on her face. Certainly, Suede is well-known among foreign music listeners here, but for most Japanese, who rarely listen to foreign music, they are relatively unknown. mmm... Surely there is a mission left to me--To turn more Japanese into Suede worshippers! Haha.(^_^)

By the way, I read in a magazine later that they went to a Gucci shop just after the session. I know the shop--Everything of the place is so gorgeous. The shop has two doormen in black suits.(Seeing them having nothing to do is very funny. Maybe I think so because I'm not used to seeing them--Japanese shops rarely have a doorman.) The very gorgeousness keeps me away from the store, but I guess Suede does deserve it.

Also, I heard from a friend that they were supposed to give their autographs only to 20 people, but after all, they signed for 200. How generous they are! I became a Suede fan because of their music, but glad to know that they also have excellent personalities!

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