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Gig Review: Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre Hall 3 28/9/99 8.30pm - 11.10pm(approx.)
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It was the best concert I've ever been, certainly Brett was enjoying a whole lot. I've never seen him grinning like that before, his face just... radiated. I got through the supporting act(well, don't want to mention her here) then came a 20MIN++++ SOUND CHECK/SETTING. That was INTOLERABLE. I was soooo tired already.

After a few songs(Beautiful Ones, I think), Brett took OFF his shirt(at that time, i was pushed from within 5m from Brett to more than 20m!! But I was still quite near him, compare to those at the very back/middle. The only good thing about it is I could see Neil clearly), I was like "PHWOOAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" Loadsa screamings from the audience. He makes me think of Iggy Pop... He looks like Ewan in TV Eye too...That hands movements(like those Thai ones?), the way he moves and dances, reminds me sooooooo much of Jonny in The Ballad of Maxwell Demon.

He seemed to be enjoying the gig very much, he was smilng so sweetly - didn't quite like his usual very cool image he's given me. He always gave us the mic, ask us to singalong, likesay swing the whole mic stand with mic!!!!!!! He's so cute, I remembered he stuck out his tongue to someone - I don't know who or why, but he looks just so cute! He walked like Jonny in Tumbling Down sometimes, he's such a graceful creature.

He wore just a pair of trousers for the whole concert. Hmm... Sexy. There were some funny bits too. Like during one of those mic swingings, the wire caught Richard, and you know Richard can't stop, so Brett had to keep on singing, Richard kept on playing his guitar and Brett try to "untie" him!!

I can't remember which songs they sang and in what order. All the big singles and stuff like that. Another magical moment was the encore. They did totally two encores - the first and "required one". I think they sang Saturday Night and another one. I can't remember. The second encore, they sang the beautiful, beautiful The 2 of Us. I love that song. And Richard did the Keyboard for that song!! Never seen him on the keyboard before...

Neil was wearing this leather jacket all the time during the gig, except the last song. He took that off in almost the end of the previous song, you know he stood up and take of his jacket really slowly!! Kinda showing off!! Hahah... It's a rare scene, Brett was still singing and jumping around but Neil stood up(very obvious, it's in the middle/end of the song) to take off his jacket!(He usually just sits there, put his hands on his knee - how cute! - when he has "nothing to do"). Neil also played the guitar in the 1st song, Can't Get Enough.

I couldn't see Richard very well from where I stood, so in the above "review", there is not much Richard stuff mentioned. But here, I'd like to add a little bit about Richard on keyboard during The 2 of Us. Since I don't really know how to amend my "review" and don't really want to. It was written the night of the concert, after I arrived home - I want to leave a bit of "rawness" there. It was quite pushy so I was pushed from Richard's position in the beginning to somewhere in between Neil and Brett - sounds bad, huh? And the force mainly came from the right side of the Hall, so I was always facing the left side of the stage from the audience side(Neil's side). When Brett was announcing their last song, The 2 of Us, Richard moved to the keyboard and Brett said that it was a rare sight. I've never thought of seeing Richard playing anything else but guitar - so I was completely shocked but dead happy. He played something very brief from a Sonata(my music mate says) to kinda show us that he could play the "piano". He was putting on the loveliest grin I've even see - it was certainly the best moment during the whole concert.
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