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The Oakes Playground | Me You must be so bored that you clicked here. I wonder anyone would click here because they wa to know more about me, this mad girl who made a page for Richard. Anyway. I'm going to tell you little mad ones who clicked this part of the page why I started this homepage, how I became a Oakesette and a bit about me.

Why did I start this homepage? Well, one day, I was looking around the Suede webnation coz I was so bored. I went into a few Richard's homepages and felt that maybe I should start one, since they're quite outdated(No offence!! Don't hit me, you brilliant webmistresses out there!), so I thought, maybe I should start one! Okay, then, this idea was abandoned for another fortnight or so, I came to this brill page of Neil made by Tracy, the idea of making a page for Richard sprang up in my mind again. Again, I completely forgot about it until last week, while I was finishing up my other page Village Giz, the idea popped up again, and this is how I started this page. The design and stuff were made during some tedious lessons at school - I dreamt what I should do with the page, drew the draft and did everything at once when I reached home.

I like Suede since some 2 or 3 years ago(it's 1999 now, you do the calculation!) when I saw Europe is Our Playground on a local music channel. From then on, I'm a Suede fan! Ha, I wish, it wasn't that simple. I saw that video, loved the song, loved the voice, learn their name, then forgot about them for about a week or two, then I saw Beautiful Ones, I just fell in love with them once again, now, this time, I remember about them. I watched telly everyday to wait for any videoes of them, and of course, I managed to catch a video of them at least once everyday and I was very much impressed by the guitarist(no idea about who is who at that time, and was so stupid that wouldn't go online to search for things, even I'd internet connection at that time). I've been loving guitar for years - they're so... beautiful(eventually, I went to learn electric guitar, but I was so stupid that I couldn't learn that well, so I gave up. This made me admire Richard even more.) Then I went to US for a brief holiday and saw Coming Up in the Virgin Megastore in Union Square, San Francsico. I stood in front of that rack full of Coming Ups and U2's Pop for at least 20mins, wondering whether I should buy it or not. After a long struggle, I decided to buy it, and the reasons? First, it is quite cheap - $12.99 USD; second, it is a 2-CD package with multimedia. So, it's quite a bargain. I bought it, listened to it and fell in love with it(even made my sister love it too!). I wanted to buy their other albums, but I was quite a "kid" back then, and their first two albums' covers are quite, er, graphic?, well, not quite suitable for a messy 11-year-old girl to keep at home, so I didn't buy them, well, not until now(Still have to buy their first album Suede - I'm broke!). My admiration flows all these years, until last month, when the fab five had their concert here, I fell completely in love with them(esp. Richard! Haha) This is sort of my Suede story - they're just too nice, too talented, too great! *getting into a real strange humour again!*

So, who am I.. Okay, I'm very bad at this thing.. I'm a (mad) Form 5 student from Hong Kong. I really shouldn't be doing all this homepage-building stuff at this time of year(in 7 months time, I'll be having an important exam which determines my life). What else? Hmm.. I just learnt how to made homepages less than 3 months, so I could never made some pro looking stuff - this is the best I could do. For more about me, you can visit my another homepage Village Giz, you'll learn more about what else I like there. Enough of shameless plug. And I guess that's all about me, you don't want to know more either, I dare say..

October 1999