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Quite hard to believe that you actually want to know who is behind this. Well, it's a mad(mac) person from Hong Kong who's been a Suede fan for just about 3 or 4(at most!) years.

Why did I started this page? Er, coz a) I've been an obsessed(in my little own world only!) fan of Richard for years, and b) I started to find homepage making challenging and entertaining. Also, I c) found out that Richard doesn't have an up-to-date page at that time... all this give me the inspiration and the idea of giving Rich an up-to-date(well, I try to! But without your help, I couldn't achieve anything) little page in the huge web nation of Suede.

Guess that's all. Feel free to drop me a mail, leave a mark in the guestbook(please!!!!!), IM me on AOL(GigiMcGBZ) or ICQ me(8531098). I'd love to hear from you!