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30/12/99: Most probably the last update in this year and this century, so, Happy New Year to you all!! Check out the Melody Maker Festival Guide article in Black or Blue and added a bit to Now and Then. Before I forget again, Head Music is the album of the year in Melody Maker.
24/12/99: Added a pic to Miscellaneous at Beautiful Ones.
23/12/99: Merry Christmas!! Yay, holiday started at long last, I've uploaded the snaps from the Real Video of V99 to the Beautiful Ones, well, the quality isn't that good, but hope you'll enjoying 100 pics of Rich anyway :) Just paste this
into the location blank of your Real Player G2 and you can watch the whole one and a half hour show!!
18/12/99: Sorry it's been a while since last update, it's been pretty quiet on the Suede front and I've been dead busy(am still very busy!). Changed a bit on the appearance(so minor that you probably wouldn't notice), linked some of the articles on Black or Blue and The 2 of Us to pictures on Beautiful Ones, updated Now and Then and Thank Yous.
7/12/99: The chat transcript is out on Doc Rock Show, click here to read it. According to an email I received from them(Doc Rock), Richard, Brett and Mat will be doing a REAL VIDEO interview with them on 6th February. A screen snap part is added to Beautiful Ones. It contains snaps from videos I've got on enhanced CDs.
5/12/99: Happy Birthday to Neil! There was a chat yesterday on Doc Rock Show. Sadly, I got the info on the in the last minute or else I'd have put it here! Anyway, I think the transcript will be out soon. Watch this space. I've added the above Dotmusic news ticker and a link to Can't Get Enough. CGE is no.2 of this week's YMC international chart - I think there's a link to vote online, I'll look for that and post it here.
29/11/99: The complete Select article is here at last!! Check it out at Black or Blue(Thanks Tracy for giving me the article).
28/11/99: Changed some scripts and stuff like that. Can't Get Enough is no.3 on YMC internation chart.
22/11/99: Did very little today, just added the scan of my signed album sleeve in The 2 of Us, my autograph session story.
20/11/99: A picture day!! Added some pics to Beautiful Ones and my autograph session encounter in The 2 of Us. There is a review of the Reading gig in the last ish of Melody Maker(Nov 10 - 16 one), not worth buying again(in case you haven't got it, just get someone who has it and photocopy it).
18/11/99: Translated an interview from East Touch, it's on Black or Blue.
12/11/99: Weekend at long last!! The last 2 days has been very hard for me.. I've lost something I really loved(my dog). Anyway, I've typed up some articles: an interview from fanzine, an excerpt from a Suede article from Select for Black or Blue and the questionnaire thingy from Coming Up tour book for Now and Then. Thanks Tracy for letting me photocopy them :) Also, I've typed the set list of the gig on 28/9/99 in Hong Kong, you can find it in my review in The 2 of Us If time allows, I'll type some more tonight, so I should add quite a lot of wordy stuff during the weekend. Have a great weekend!
9/11/99: Did something to the picture in Now and Then, added 2 pics to Beautiful Ones. Suede's autograph session is featured on this month's HMV Guide, also the HMV section on BC Magazine, pictures are the same in both articles, and they're very small. Suede is also in the Doctor Martens limited book(thanks Kit!). I haven't seen the pic yet, will post it here when I got it. It's free with 2 selected CDs in HMV, and I think you could get one by buying a pair of Dr. Martens!
8/11/99: Added a bit on the songs co-written by Richard in Now and Then, pictures: coming soon!
6/11/99: Started to work on Now and Then, added another article to Black or Blue.(thanks nagasaki doll!). Also, I've finished the Starcrazy part. That means I've finished building the main part of this page! Just bits and pieces like pictures and articles are needed to be added! Yay!! Remember that Can't Get Enough is out on Monday, 8/11/99, it's 3 formats.
2/11/99: Added 3 more articles to Black or Blue.
30/10/99: Started working on Can't Get Enough, more to come.
29/10/99: Added 2 articles I found online to Black or Blue.
26/10/99: Added a nice pic to the front page(Thanks Tracy!) and fixed the Java problem :) Also found a little "review" on This Is London, the link is on Black or Blue.
24/10/99: Moved the interview from BC and gig review OF SCMP from VG to here, at Black or Blue. And moved my gig review, March 97 pics from VG to here, added my autograph session encounter to The 2 of Us and Beautiful Ones.
23/10/99: Page Established today!! Champagne for everyone to celebrate :)