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From the Coming Up tour book

 Favourite soup?

French Onion

 Favourite insult?


 What makes you happy on a Saturday Night?

I'm easily pleased

 Most popular misconception about yourself?

One mustn't correct misconceptions

 Song you wish you had written?

Nine Feet Underground

 Song you wish you hadn't written?

You Really Got Me

 Tell us a secret

Squirrels can breathe under water

 Who were you in a previous life?

A stray cat

 Life long ambition you have already achieved?

Number 1 album

 Life long ambition you have still to acheive?

Number 1 single

 Hero and villains of 96?

What, 1896?

 What one thing could improve the quality of your life?

More and more and more music

 Thought for the day?

"If you take cranberries and stew them in apple sauce, it takes much more like prunes than rhubarb does"

 What will you have engraved on your tombstone?

Want to know who's his fave painter? His fave telly show? How many pairs of trainers he owns? Click here!